The Data Doctors at CoachScanner wanted to understand the reason why their customers travel and came across some interesting insights.

Our DD's have put together a pretty infographic, with the most popular reason to travel by Coach or Minibus being Weddings, yes!! 26% of our Coach travel have transported guests to be part of a very special day.

Large Coaches (49 seater and above) are the most cost effective method of travel with the price per person started at £11. The most expensive method of travel was a minibus at a cost of £18.75 per person.

The DD's have a strange sense of humour and the found the following items left by customers in chuckleness (funny) order:

  1. A toothbrush without bristles.
  2. Two opposite coloured socks.
  3. A bottle of Jack Daniels with a sock and tooth brush inside it.

 Reasons to Travel infographic - coachscanner.png

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