As one of the leading coach hire companies in London, operating throughout the UK, CoachScanner provides affordable, reliable, and professional staff transfers for companies of all shapes and sizes.

No matter the size of your company, getting staff to and from a job or event can be a testing. Without proper organisation, something as simple as getting 20 catering staff to a venue can become a logistical nightmare. It will haunt you for weeks after the event in the form of expense receipts that will take up an enormous amount of your time when you should be focusing on what matters: your business.

Private coach hire is an excellent way to avoid a nightmarish situation when transporting staff and, at CoachScanner, we have a variety of vehicles from which to choose, with one for every budget.

Coach hire for catering staff transfers

Benefits of Hiring Coaches for Staff Transfers

Choosing to hire a private coach or private bus for staff transfer has a variety of benefits:

Everyone's on Time

When you're attending a job, being on time is crucial. And if all your staff don't arrive at the same time, your client will notice and, if some don't arrive at all due to traffic or other delays, your client will be left with a bad taste in their mouth and may not give you future work, which will damage your business. Therefore, it's safer to get all your staff to the job at the same time, which you can do with our private coach hire services.

Forget Expenses

If you don't offer transfers for your staff, it's likely they'll club together and car share. Travel by car is fine if you've got just a few staff that want to submit expenses, but a nightmare if you've got dozens of staff driving different types of cars using different amounts of fuel and, therefore, submitting expense receipts for different amounts – all of which you must then find the time to process. With private transfers, you can avoid the headache, pay a single invoice, and that's all there is to it.

Staff Satisfaction

One of the biggest complaints amongst employees is having to pay to get to and from work, especially if they live in the middle of nowhere, and the time it takes to commute. With private bus transfers, you'll cover the cost of travel – increasing employee satisfaction – and know that everyone gets home safe and sound at the end of a shift, which is particularly important if the job finishes late.

Keep staff happy and travel by Coach or minibus

Premium Service

If you're a provider or catering or security services, for instance, brand identity is everything and, if crafted correctly, will allow you to charge clients for a premium service, rather than a run-of-the-mill everyday offering. Having all your staff show up to an event at the same time – on time – in uniform, and ready to work will show your clients that you're a company that means business. Private transfers can help you to give the right impression, helping to secure ongoing work in the future.

Whatever your business, our private coach transfers are an excellent way to add value to your service offering and keep your employees happy.

Areas We Cover

At CoachScanner, we provide staff transfer services all over the UK. Most often, we transfer staff from towns to larger cities for jobs and conferences or vice-versa. Over the years, we have worked with dozens of corporations and local businesses to get staff from A to B safely and on time, without compromising on cost. One of our most popular areas of operation is London and the surrounding counties, but we also work with companies in the rest of the South East, the Midlands, and the North.

Cities we frequently travel to include: London, Bath, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. We also offer ferry transfer services, including transporting staff to and from the Isle of White, Isle of Man, Jersey, Dublin and France. To find out more or book, please get in touch by calling 0203 823 6988 or gaining a quote online.

Our Clients

At CoachScanner, we work with all types of businesses. Some of our main clients include:

Bus Transfers for Caterers

Catering companies are one of the key business types we work with at CoachScanner.

We work with a network of catering providers across the UK, transferring event managers, kitchen and waitering staff from a single location to the venue where the event they're catering is taking place. When working with an event provider, time is everything, and bus transfers for staff help you to ensure that all your employees assisting with the event show up in proper dress and on time and are presented to the event hosts before the event begins. This punctuality and personable service not only gives your client a favourable impression of your staff, but it also shows them that you care.

If you're attending an evening event, at the end of the night it's important that you ensure all your staff get home safely, and this is, again, where private bus transfers offer benefit. Once you have cleared the venue, all your staff can hop onto the provided transport and be dropped off at the same location from which they were picked up. Alternatively, you may wish to offer multiple stops for the journey home – often, employers schedule stops at train stations close to employee’s homes.

A polite reminder to always book staff transfers in advance, especially during the wedding season.

Coach hire for catering staff

Coach Transfers for Security Staff

At CoachScanner, we often work with security providers to transfer security staff to high-profile events up and down the country. Most often, we pick up and deliver staff to football and music venues, including music and food festivals. Due to the breadth of the area covered by security providers, staff transfers regularly require an overnight stay, and transfers home the next day, which we can cater for.

Typically, staff will stay in a hotel near to the venue where the job is taking place, and we'll then pick them up the next morning for their return journey. However, this is only necessary for longer journeys, although we do offer overnight services should you require. Most of our coaches come with curtains and reading lights, so your staff will be able to get to sleep and travel in comfort all night long.

Coach hire for security staff transfers

Further Afield

As well as our UK staff transfers, we complete European transfers, too. If you're providing staff for an event in Europe, we can get them to and from the location effortlessly. We regularly travel to France, Belgium, and Amsterdam, and have dedicated European drivers that are familiar with popular routes.

Staff Transfers for Airline Staff

For airlines, the best value accommodation for stewards and other airline staff is rarely the closest to the airport. Therefore, especially if staff are staying in the UK for more than one night, it may be beneficial to transfer your team to a hotel that's in a town near to the airport so that you can save on accommodation costs. Our drivers will pick your staff up from your land-in airport and take them to the hotel. For the return journey, you should allow an additional hour for travel due to airport traffic.

Coach hire for airline crew transfers

Airport Transfers

As well as offering bus transfers for airline staff, we also offer airport transfers for other staff, such as catering and security staff. If you're looking to get more than ten staff to the airport for a flight, you’ll save considerable cost by hiring a coach or minibus, rather than travelling via public transport or taxi.

Bus Transfers for Conferences

Every year, dozens of corporations across the UK bring staff from all over the country together for conferences, tradeshows, and similar events. And we can provide transport. Private bus transfer is one of the most convenient ways to transfers large numbers of staff quick and in cost-effective manner.

Coach hire for conference staff transfers

Mostly, we work with retailers with stores around the country, as well as offices, to pick up staff from multiple locations and transport them to conference centres in London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Scotland, and Edinburgh. Usually, these are weekend trips, and we provide transportation for the duration. During a weekend event, we may be required to transfer staff from the hotel to an exhibition centre or venue for an evening event, depending on your program.

Coach hire for conferences

For corporate staff transfers, please get in touch with our Corporate team by calling 0203 823 6988.

Our Vehicles

At CoachScanner, we have a variety of vehicle types to suit parties of all sizes.

Coach Transfers

Our coaches are suitable for parties of up to 100 people per coach, and we have multiple class types for differing budgets, too. We also have vehicle fleets available for private hire should you require.

Standard Coaches

To keep costs to a minimum, choose our standard coaches. They are equipped with comfortable seating and plenty of leg room, as well as basic tray tables and armrests. Most have a single television at the front of the coach. There are also toilet facilities on-board, which keeps travel time to a minimum. As with all our vehicles, our standard coaches have plenty of storage space for luggage, including onboard baggage; they are health and safety-approved and undergo regular maintenance.

Standard Coach hire for staff transfers

Premium Coaches

If you and your staff would like to travel in luxury, look no further than our premium-class coaches.

At CoachScanner, our range of premium coaches includes vehicles that come with extended leg room, curtains for late-night and overnight journeys, as well as built-in technology, such as in-seat televisions and audio capability, including coach-wide sound and in-seat headphone jackets. Some coaches have tables, and most come with onboard tea and coffee facilities. At your request, we can also provide coaches with drinks and snacks provided. Most of our premium coaches have a more contemporary interior to standard vehicles, including leather seats and footrests for added comfort. They are also air-conditioned, so your staff can travel in comfort even during the warmer months.

Premium Coach hire for staff transfers

Minibus Transfers

If you're transporting 16 staff or less, you may want to consider our affordable private minibus hire services. Like our coaches, they come in multiple classes, including one with standard fixtures and fittings and others with advanced technology built-in, including in-seat televisions and audio capability. We have minibuses suitable for six passengers or more, and they all come with a large boot for storing luggage. Selected minibus models are air-conditioned; please confirm when you book.

Coach Minibus hire for staff transfers

Staff with Disabilities

At CoachScanner, we are fully equipped to transport passengers with disabilities. All our staff are trained, and our vehicles equipped with ramps and disabled seats, and some have disabled toilet facilities, so your staff can travel together in comfort, which means no one is left out.

Our Drivers

All our drivers are hand-selected for their experience, working with some of the UK's and Europe's largest transport providers. They are all extensively trained to meet CoachScanner's strict requirements, which includes maintaining a professional yet personable attitude at all times. Drivers can be first aid-trained and have undergone DBS checks, just in case any of your staff are travelling with children. With CoachScanner, you receive a reliable all-in-one staff transfer service.

Corporate Packages

If your business requires staff transfers on a regular basis, you may want to consider one of our corporate packages, which includes a fixed number of journeys every year for your staff at a competitive price, discounted from our usual rate. This ensures that you always receive the vehicles you want, when you want, even if you confirm a job at late notice. By incorporating our transfer packages into your service, you can provide a consistent service and keep staff happy year-round. To find out more about our corporate packages, speak to our specialist Corporate team on 0203 823 6988.

Book Your Staff Transfer

To book your private coach hire or private bus hire service, please feel free to contact us by emailing or calling 0203 823 6988.

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