Heading to a football match isn't usually just a day out; it's an event you've had it marked on your calendar for weeks, if not months. However, when match day comes around, the dread of hopping on a train is something everyone shares.

On match day, regardless of the stadium, trains are packed with people, loud, and an unpleasant place to be, and that's only added to when you’re required to change trains a couple of times, which means hanging around on station platforms waiting.

How can you defeat match day travel blues? With private coach hire, of course. At CoachScanner, we offer football coach hire to every major stadium throughout the UK, which is a much more pleasant and, often, affordable way to travel, especially if you're travelling in a large group of 10 or more.

Below, discover the benefits of travelling by coach or minibus.

Best Football Stadiums to Visit

Just because you support a certain team doesn't mean you live near to their stadium, which means getting to the match can require a lot of effort if you're not organised. However, coach hire makes travelling to the game much easier and stress-free, so you can focus on enjoying yourself.

At CoachScanner, we often travel to the following UK football stadiums:


This stadium is where every home England F.C. football match takes place and, since 2017, it has been the temporary home of Tottenham Hotspur, too. The stadium is in West London, which can take a while to travel to if you're not based in London. With our football coach hire services, you can embark on Wembley for a football match or tour with ease, from anywhere in the UK. Better still, from this stadium, you can venture into London for a quick bite or some shopping before or after the match since the stadium is just 30 minutes on the Underground from Central London.

Coach hire to Wembley stadium

Old Trafford

If you're a football fan, you won't need reminding but, just in case, we'll tell you: Old Trafford is home to Manchester United. The stadium is situated in Manchester city centre and is the largest football stadium in the whole of the UK, seating almost 75,000 people. Before or after the match, you might want to have a stroll around the nearby National Football Museum with your friends or family. The museum boasts more than 140,000 football-related items from over the years, including precious Manchester United football memorabilia. There is also a large children’s play area inside.

Coach hire to Old Trafford, Manchester United


Combine a love of football and music with a visit to one of the UK's most infamous cities: Liverpool. Anfield stadium is the home of Liverpool F.C. and has been since the club was formed way back in 1892. It seats 54,074 people, which makes it the sixth largest football stadium in the UK. Anfield is a 10-minute drive from Liverpool city centre, which means getting to the stadium is made much easier when you travel by private coach hire. Before or after the football match, venture into the city centre and enjoy some world-class pubs and bars, plus sights such as the Albert Dock.

Coach hire to Liverpool football club, Anfield

Stamford Bridge

Back in London and home to Chelsea F.C. is Stamford Bridge, which is situated in Fulham in South-West London. For a professional football club, the stadium is relatively small, seating just over 40,000 fans. However, it promises a vibe just as colourful as the other football stadiums on our list. Inside the stadium, you can enjoy a stadium tour, which is a unique way to see just how vast the space is when it's not filled with football fans. There is also a museum which has some excellent exhibits, boasting different trophies the club has won over the years, plus other football memorabilia.

Coach hire to Chelsea FC Stamford Bridge


The Emirates Stadium is home to Arsenal F.C. and is one of the newest football stadiums in England, and the third largest. It can accommodate almost 60,000 fans. The stadium is in the middle of London, which makes it very difficult to get to if you're travelling in from outside the city. Consequently, our football coach hire services may be beneficial, especially if you're travelling in a large group. At the stadium, like some of the other venues, you can enjoy tours and exhibits. It's here that matches for the Emirates Cup take place, too, so get your tickets early.

Regardless of which football team you support, we'll get you to the match with ease and in comfort.

Coach hire to Arsenal and Emirates stadium

Benefits of Private Coach Hire

Travelling by private coach hire to football matches has an array of benefits that make it a first-class choice.

Cheap travel for groups

Most fans travel in large groups, but that can get incredibly expensive if you're relying on dozens of cars or pricey trains. However, with our football coach hire services, you can book a coach for up to 100 fans for just a fraction of the price of a train ticket. The more of you there are, usually, the lower the price per person for coach hire.

Convenient return journeys

With our private coach hire services, we'll pick you up from a location that works for your entire group and drop you back in the same location. For larger groups, we can even do multiple stops, so no one needs to travel too far to get on-board, which is ideal when you arrive back after the match and all you want to do is collapse into bed.

You'll always get a seat

When travelling by train, getting a seat seems to be a luxury. However, with coach hire, you always get a seat. And a comfortable seat, too. On the way home, you won't be bothered by other loud football fans and can just pull the curtain across and get some kip. It's that simple. Travelling by coach promises a cosy, relaxing journey for everyone.

Always get a seat on a Football Coach hire

Get dropped off outside the door

When you arrive at the stadium, we'll drop you off as close as possible, so you don't need to worry about getting on another bus or train to get to where you need to be. And we'll make sure you're there within plenty of time, so you can head inside and get a drink before the action kicks off. No other form of transport will get you as close to the door.

Toilet breaks and snack stops

Majority of our coaches have an on-board toilet, however smaller coaches don’t due to limited wheel base. Toilet breaks may seem insignificant, but not being able to run to the loo when you need to can be very uncomfortable, especially on a long journey. But with our football coach hire services, depending on the distance, you'll have at least two or more scheduled toilet and snack breaks, so you can freshen up and grab a bite to eat on the way to the stadium.

All the above and more is why travelling by coach to a football match is an excellent choice.

Group Football Tours

Travelling to a football match alone is no fun; that's why, at CoachScanner, we specialise in group football tours.

One of the most popular trips we accommodate for football fans is stadium tours on match weekends. A sample itinerary might include travelling to the city of your choice the day before the match, on a Friday or Saturday; taking in a stadium tour the next day, followed by the match, and then travelling home on the third day. This type of football itinerary makes for a relaxed weekend where you can really enjoy yourself, without having to worry about how you'll get home. It means you and your mates can really make a day of it, as it should be.

Even though football weekends are our biggest bookings, we also offer same-day returns. We'll pick you and your group up from a location specified by you on the morning of the match, so you arrive at the stadium at least an hour before kick-off. That will give you plenty of time to get inside, get something to eat, and take your seat. After the match, you can then meet the coach outside the stadium, get on-board, and relax while we take you home. For late-night journeys, our coaches have built-in spotlights, as well as curtains so you can get some sleep en-route.

Our football coach hire services are suitable for groups of 10-100 people. We also have fleets for bigger groups.

Coach hire for group football tours

Luxury Coach Hire for Football Teams

At CoachScanner, we're proud to have a fleet of luxury vehicles suitable for transporting football teams. We work with clubs and managers around the UK to get football teams and their families where they need to be when they need to be there. Our luxury coaches include single and double-decker vehicles with blacked-out windows. The interior of these vehicles is contemporary, with leather-covered seats and all the tech you could ask for, including TVs and audio capability. Thanks to the on-board refreshment area, we can also offer snacks and beverages for your team's journey.

To get a quote for our luxury coach hire for football teams, please contact our VIP department on 0203 823 6988.

Coach hire for football teams

Sport Tour Operators

Whether you're organising a single day event or a weekend tournament in Europe, our specialists can assist to get you the best price whilst ensuring your clients needs are met.

Coach hire for sports tour operators

Services for Schools & Tour Operators

Increasingly, visits to football stadiums are becoming a popular choice for school trips, especially for secondary schools. After all, what better way is there to engage students than to take them to their favourite stadium? And most football clubs are now accommodating for such groups, too. For instance, Stamford Bridge has stadium tours specifically for schools, as well as a museum filled with football memorabilia. Anfield has similar tours available and is more than 120 years old, which makes it the perfect place for a sports-meets-history school trip that your students will love.

At CoachScanner, we are a leading provider of coaches for school trips and work with primary and secondary schools, including special schools, throughout the UK. Our services include same-day returns, as well as weekend and even week-long trips. We are an affordable supplier of school trip transportation and have fleets of coaches available, each of which transports up to 100 students.

To book private coach hire for a school tour, to a football stadium or otherwise, please get in touch.

Our Vehicles

At CoachScanner, we have a variety of standard and premium vehicles to suit all budgets. Our standard vehicles include our standard coaches and minibuses, which are equipped with basic facilities. Whereas our premium vehicles come with additional facilities such as televisions and audio capability, including in-seat headphone jacks, and extra legroom. They also have a larger storage area of luggage and on-board toilet facilities. Some have tea and coffee-making facilities, as well as snacks.

We have vehicles suitable for anything from 6 to 100 passengers, as well as fleets of vehicles for larger groups. We have vehicles based all over the UK, so you can travel from and to any UK or European location without breaking the bank. Our coaches and minibuses are available for same-day trips, as well as weekend and week-long trips. We also have packages that include sightseeing while away.

Our Drivers

Our drivers have years of coach and minibus driving experience on UK and European roads. They are DBS checked and trained to work with an array of customer types, including children and those with disabilities. At CoachScanner, we pride ourselves on our professional yet personable drivers that ensure your journey is a pleasant one.

Book Your Football Coach Hire

To book your football coach hire service, please get a quote online or call 0203 823 6988. All quotes are complimentary and obligation-free. Before calling, please ensure you have details of your trip, including the number of passengers, your pick-up and drop-off locations, and an idea of budget and vehicle class type. A member of our team will then take you through the options, so you get the most value for money.

Let us take the hassle out of your journey planning!

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