Whether you have 10 or 100 students, when planning a school trip, it's essential you have safe, reliable and affordable transport to get your class from A to B. At CoachScanner, we deliver sound minibus and coach hire for school trips, getting you where you and your students want to go, when you need to be there – and not charging you through the roof for the privilege. Across the UK, we work with schools in the primary, secondary and college sectors to provide first-class transportation.

Like Clare Matterson, Director of Medical Humanities and Engagement at the Wellcome Trust, we truly believe that vital learning happens outside the classroom, when children of all ages are given the opportunity to experience life, both past and present, first-hand. That's why we strive to assist schools around the UK in delivering memorable school trips that students learn from and remember forever. 

However, there's more to school trips than transport and logistics, which is why we've put together an extensive guide of not only our services but everything you need to ensure for your school trip. 

Things to Remember when Organising a School Trip

When planning a school trip, flick through our tick list for maximum benefit. 

Educational Value

First, always consider the value of the school trips to your student's education. The whole point of getting out of the classroom is to give your students new experiences that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to explore, so look for school trip locations that offer an experience like no other.

The Cost

At CoachScanner, we strive to ensure our school coach hire services are as affordable as possible, but we're just a small aspect of the overall cost. You need to look at the venue you're going to, how much entry costs, staff fees, food, and even small costs such as worksheets or activity packs. Most venues throughout the UK offer discounts to schools, so explore those to ensure you're getting the best deal.

The Risks

Before you book a school trip, make sure you've evaluated all the risks involved with the trip. For instance, if you're heading to London on a train, you may require significant assistance if you're taking a large group of students with you. Similarly, you need to check that the venue you're off to doesn't pose any threat to your students' physical or emotional wellbeing – ask questions like if the trip is age appropriate and will help you succeed in achieving your targets and learning outcomes sufficiently. 


Food is an essential consideration when planning a school trip; if you're taking students that usually benefit from a free school meal, you'll need to ensure they're fed during your school trip, too. Other students should be advised to take a packed lunch or have the venue provide lunch if that's an option.

Speak to the parents

As always when considering taking students away, the first step should be to check with the parents to ensure it's a trip they're happy to pay for (if applicable) and that they're happy with the experience the students will be getting. It's good practice to provide parents with a thorough plan for the day.

Prepare the students

School trips can be an excitable experience; after all, the kids are getting out of the classroom for the day and, hopefully, getting to see and experience things they wouldn't otherwise be able to explore. That's why it's important to arrange a session with all the children, young or old, involved in the school trip to explain what the day will entail and how they're expected to behave throughout the day. 

If you're going to be setting activities on the day or when back in the classroom, let the students know early on. Letting children know what expectations you have of them and their learning has been found to benefit the learning experience, ensuring children remain engaged and happy to participate.

Providing you tick all the above, you should be on track for an enriching learning experience.

Suggested School Trips in the UK

All over the UK, there are hundreds of school trips, educational visits and weekend experiences to be enjoyed and learned from, covering every subject: from mathematics, English and science, to geography and history, our small island is overflowing with history, innovation, and knowledge.

Below, discover some of our favourite school strips around the UK – just to give you some ideas. 

British Motor Museum

This enormous museum in Warwickshire, England, boasts the largest collection of historic British cars. Every year, we help dozens of schools get to and from the British Motor Museum with our coach hire and minibus hire services. While there, your students can embark on one of the museum's days, which bring history, mathematics, and science and technology together. There are education days suited to both primary and secondary schools, and there are even curriculum-specific weeks you can visit.

School Trips to the British Motor Museum

Science Museum, London

A visit to London's infamous Science Museum is a rite of passage for every student. The visit promises to be a rich day of education and fascination, covering all areas of science. During a school visit, you can plan various workshops and talks that will keep your students engaged. Better still, the museum is right next to the National History Museum, so you may even want to visit both in one day – although, there is an awful lot to see. Travel to and from the city effortlessly with our coach hire services.

School Trips to Londons Science Museum 


As the birthplace of Shakespeare, there is plenty to do in the medieval market town of Stratford-upon-Avon – it makes the perfect historical literary educational day out. Spend the morning visiting the writer's childhood home, followed by a trip to his next home, the picturesque Hall's Croft, before having lunch by the river. Then, finish with a tour around Charlecote Park, a beautiful Tudor house.

School Trips to Shakespeares Stratford-Upon-Avon 

Peak and Lake District

Whether it's a weekend of rocks or thrilling adventure you're after, both the Peak District and Lake District areas promise a weekend of beauty and education. They're the perfect spots for geographical school trips, where your students can learn about the earth's distant past, rock formations, and the UK's natural resources hidden beneath the soil. There are also many adventure activities such as rock climbing and water sports that your students can enjoy. The Peak District and Lake District National Parks are two of the most popular destinations for our school trip coach hire services. Find out more.

School Trips to the Peak and Lake District 

Chessington World of Adventures

As well as being a world-class theme park, Chessington World of Adventures has a zoo and hosts a roster of educational workshops suitable for KS1, KS2, and even secondary schools. Whichever one of its school trips you choose, we can get you there safe and sound. Throughout the day, your students will enjoy a range of educational activities, and then be rewarded with a go on some exhilarating rides.

School Trips to Chessington World of Adventures 

Kingswood Activity Centre

There’s nothing quite like a trip to one of Kingswood's eight educational activity centres, which are dotted around the UK, to celebrate the end of a school year. Your students can stay at the centre for up to a week and enjoy a host of team-building exercises and educational activities throughout. Better still, everything's enjoyable for all ages. One minute you'll be flying down a zip wire, and the next you'll all be in the water kayaking or learning to shoot a bow and arrow. We provide weekend coach hire.

School Trips to Kingswood Activity Centre 

Whether you choose one of the highlighted school trips or otherwise, contact us to book coach hire. 

Package Deals Tailored to You

At CoachScanner, we have a team of experts that specialise in school trips. If you have somewhere in mind for a trip or like the sound of one we’ve mentioned, speak to a member of our team, and we can put together an all-inclusive quote for you, including coach hire or minibus hire for the entire trip.

Rather than setting out our school trip offering, we work one-to-one with schools to consult, organise, and manage school trips, including the booking process, so you get the best group price possible. Once we have your details, we can speak to the desired venue on your behalf and put everything in place.

To discuss package deals further and see how we may be able to work together, please get in touch.

Our Coach Hire Services

What makes CoachScanner's coach hire services different? We know what it means to work with schools and have years of experience delivering exceptional transport to and from some of the UK's most popular educational visits. All our drivers are DBS checked and approved, and have experience working with children of all ages. With some coach hire services, the morning comes, and your driver arrives, and he's grumpy and not used to working with children whatsoever – but that's just not us.

We know how to tolerate and help control large groups of students, and what where our place is and what aspects of the trip are the teacher's responsibility. And we're always on hand to assist if required – when you're inside your trip venue, our drivers will wait right outside or in the nearest coach parking station. If you're going to disappear for more than a few hours, our drivers will coordinate pickup times with you directly and be there within plenty of time so that you can get home safely and promptly.

We offer coaches for all group sizes up to 100 passengers and can coordinate fleets of coaches if you're looking to transport more than that. Better still, all the coaches we send to you as part of our coach hire service undertake regular maintenance checks before every trip, which ensures that all the technical parts of the engine are working, as well as the safety aspects such as seatbelts.

We professionally clean every one of our coaches before they are sent out, so you can rest assured that the coach you receive will be fresh. Similarly, we will clean the coach after your trip, so you don't have to worry about taking all your rubbish home – all we ask is that you use the bins provided.

For longer journeys, to keep your students entertained, you may wish to choose one of our premium coaches. We have a selection of coach types that come with television and audio capabilities, which means your students can watch television and listen to music throughout the journey to prevent them getting restless. 

Our Minibus Hire Services

Like our coach hire service, our minibus services are affordable, flexible, and comfortable; they're ideally suited for smaller groups of all ages. We can transport groups of 8-16 passengers with our minibus hire service, and you'll benefit from all the same experience and safety checks as if travelling on one of our larger vehicles. Big or small, all our groups matter to us equally – we strive to ensure that your group has a relaxed journey, and that includes enjoying our built-in television and audio offering that comes with some of our minibuses. To find out more, contact our school trips team. 

Transport for Children with Special Needs

When embarking on an out-of-school adventure, we like to ensure that every student onboard one of our vehicles have equal opportunity to enjoy themselves. That's why all the vehicles we use for our school coach hire and minibus hire services include disabled access and, on request, additional support storing all the equipment required for students with special needs. We're here to help you manage.

As well as working with children with disabilities, we often provide transportation for schools for children with special educational requirements, including those with learning difficulties. When you book with CoachScanner, you can rest assured that all our staff are fully trained to deal with situations of all sorts and will be able to work with your students comfortably and professionally at all times. 

Our drivers understand that every student is different and will work with you to deliver an excellent school trip experience, so you and your students can come away feeling included and enriched.

If you have any concerns about specific special needs requirements, please contact us

Value for Money

The larger the vehicle you hire, the less cost per person. To ensure you get the most for your money, always ensure you hire a coach or minibuses in which you can fill almost every, if not every, seat. By doing so, you will help to keep the cost of your school trip down. All quotes are complimentary and come with no obligation. 

Get Started

Whether you'd like to take your students 10 minutes down the road or a hundred miles away, we can help to get you there safely. To start organising your school trip, speak to a member of our team to discuss coach hire or minibus hire. When calling, it helps to have a few things to hand: be ready to quote your pickup and drop off address, the total number of passengers, and special requirements.

Let us take the hassle out of your journey planning?

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