If you can't think of anything worse than sitting around in an airport for hours on end at the mercy of flight schedules and the weather, you may want to consider travelling by coach, especially to destinations that are, in fact, on your doorstep, like Amsterdam.

A bus from London to Amsterdam takes just over seven hours – less in good traffic – and is the ideal way to travel as a large group, ensuring you all pay a fraction of the cost of an aeroplane ticket and get to sit with your friends or family all the way. Better still, when travelling by coach, you don't have to worry about strict luggage allowances or paying for extra legroom or overpriced water.

When you travel by coach to Amsterdam, you will enjoy a couple of short breaks along the way, too, which means you can get outside and stretch your legs – this is one type of travel that won't leave you feeling wrung out and ready to hit the hay as soon as you arrive at your destination.

London to Amsterdam Coach Hire and Minibus

Hire At CoachScanner, we offer affordable London to Amsterdam coach hire and minibus hire services that are perfect for medium to large groups. Whether you're visiting Amsterdam for a relaxing weekend away, corporate break, bachelor party, or to visit family, if there are more than eight people in your party, you can expect to get from London, or another major UK city, to Amsterdam for an incredibly competitive price.

When you book our London to Amsterdam coach hire or minibus hire services, you'll receive many benefits. We have coaches with onboard televisions and audio capability so that you can sink into a film or your music along the way, plus all our coaches and minibuses are kitted out with comfortable seats, some of which recline, as well as footrests and tables, so you're guaranteed a pleasant journey.

All our drivers are fully qualified and have travelled the same route several times before so, unlike some coach hire companies, you can rest assured that you'll arrive in Amsterdam on time and will never get lost. If travelling with children, know that all our coach and minibus drivers are DBS checked. Additionally, we clean all our coaches after every journey and perform regular maintenance checks.

At CoachScanner, we offer our customers a comfortable, affordable, and efficient means of travel. From comfort to cost, every aspect of your journey will be overseen by your experienced driver, which means you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Trips to Amsterdam: Must-see Attractions

Whether it's a wild weekend or a coach trip of culture you're seeking, Amsterdam will deliver.

Dam Square

With the royal palace at its heart, Dam Square is the centre of Amsterdam; it's from here you can navigate the city and soak in everything it has to offer. The square is lined with shops, restaurants, pubs and bars, and boasts picturesque, traditional architecture at every turn.

From Dam Square, you can trail off and explore the city's infamous waterways, and you're guaranteed to stumble upon museums and curiosities around every corner. Minutes from Dam Square is the train station, infamous Red-Light District, and sights such as Madame Tussauds.

Coach Hire Amsterdam Dam Square

Heineken Experience

Think you like Heineken? Amsterdam's Heineken Experience will test your wits. During the Experience, you will explore an original Heineken brewery, discover the history of the brilliant beer-maker and its process, and finish up in the tasting room, where you get to try a variety of beers brewed by Heineken.

With Heineken at the heart of Amsterdam, the beer is incredibly affordable throughout the city; wherever you are, it's rare to pay more than two pounds for a pint of the frothy stuff.

Coach Hire Amsterdam Heineken Experience


If you're looking to eat excellent food and do some souvenir shopping while basking in the canal's charm, there's no better place than the district of Jordaan. This neighbourhood is to the west of the city centre, around a 15-minute walk from Dam Square.

The most obvious comparison to somewhere in London is Shoreditch or Camden. When exploring Jordaan, you'll navigate narrow canals and streets and enjoy hipster eateries, cafes and pubs. You can purchase vintage and handmade delights from the stools at Noordemarkt Square market, too.

Coach Hire Amsterdam Jordaan

Sexmuseum Amsterdam Venustempel

When visiting Amsterdam, its seedier side is something you can’t ignore. This city is packed full of adult sights, and prudishness is an inconvenience. The Sexmuseum is a tasteful selection of curiosities that explore the history, right through to present day, of Amsterdam's world-famous sex industry and everything it entails.

Every year, over half a million international visitors flock to the museum, making it one of the most-visited museums in the Netherlands. The museum is in the heart of the city's Red-Light District.

Coach Hire Amsterdam Sexmuseum Amsterdam Venustempel


Planning to visit Amsterdam with friends or as a family? If you've booked our Amsterdam coach hire or minibus hire services for the whole time you're in the city, you can hop back on the coach, and within an hour you'll be arriving in Efteling, a theme park in the south of the country.

If pre-arranged, you could even stop off at the theme park for a day on your way back to the UK, seeming it is en-route. Efteling has dozens of exhilarating rides for young and old alike, plus a range of family-friendly shows, and too many restaurants to count for when you get peckish.

Coach Hire Amsterdam Efteling

Van Gogh Museum

If you fancy a hit of culture, in the centre of Amsterdam is the Van Gogh Museum; a breath-taking half-metal and half-glass circular building that houses the largest collection of works by the iconic Vincent van Gogh.

In addition to exhibiting the work of Van Gogh, the museum showcases the work of his contemporaries, including artists such as Manet and Monet, plus Van Gogh's collection of French and Japanese prints.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is unlike any other Van Gogh experience out there and is, therefore, a must-see.

Coach Hire Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum

The Benefits of Coach Holidays

There are numerous reasons why coach holidays are preferred by millions of holidaymakers every year.


With our coach hire and minibus hire services, you can rest assured that getting to and from your holiday destination without it costing the world. If you get a large enough group together, travelling by coach will set you back a fraction of the cost of travelling in your car or by plane, or even by train.

The average cost of flying from London to Amsterdam is £80. With CoachScanner, if your group's large, you'll pay half that and won't have to worry about additional costs such as parking or travel to and from the airport, either.

Ease of Travel

No one likes to waste hours sitting on the floor in the airport because there are not enough seats. With our coach hire and minibus hire services, you will be picked up from a destination of your choice, slump yourself in one of our comfortable seats, and we'll get straight on the move.

If you add up how much time you spend preparing for a flight, flying from London to Amsterdam takes up to half a day; if you're going to spend all that time preparing, why not do it on a coach? It will not only cost you a fraction of the price but will also allow you regular breaks for fresh air.

Flexibility and Adventure

When travelling by bus from London to Amsterdam, it's not just about getting from A to B. You can enjoy our coach hire or minibus hire services all weekend, or even week, long; this gives you the flexibility to do whatever you like, without being constrained by public transport.

For instance, if you want to see more of the countryside when travelling in the daytime, just let your driver know, and they’ll do their best to cater to your requirements. Plus, when travelling by coach, you can roll out of bed an hour before you're due to leave, rather than five hours before.

No Hidden Charges

Alluring to the first point, when you travel by coach, you know what you pay at the beginning is all you'll need to pay, and you won't get stuck with numerous hidden charges, like often happens when travelling by plane.

At CoachScanner, we're completely transparent and ensure that you're provided with all the information you need before making your booking. Once you've secured our services, you can sit back and relax; we won't ask for anything else from you, except to let us know if you have any queries.

Do you like the sound of travelling by bus from London to Amsterdam? Get in touch for a full quote for Amsterdam coach hire or minibus hire.

London to Amsterdam Coach Service: How It Works

When booking your London to Amsterdam coach, first and foremost, know how many passengers you have and agree on a pickup and drop-off point that works for everyone, or at least the majority. Then, select a vehicle based on your requirements.

At CoachScanner, we have coaches that carry anything from 10 to 100 passengers, some of which offer standard features while others have premium appeal, including built-in television and audio capability to help make your journey as comfortable as it can be. Based on your budget, decide on your vehicle, enquire, and book with us.

On the day of travel, your driver will pick your group up from your specified pickup point, and you'll be on your way within minutes or everyone boarding. All your luggage – we recommend no more than one medium-size suitcase to store below the deck and one small handbag that you can take onboard – will be stored safely and securely.

Throughout your journey, you will have at least two designated stop points, which means every couple of hours you'll have a chance to stretch your legs, get some fresh air, pop to the toilet, and pick up some food or a cup of coffee, which you can then take on board.

When you reach your destination, your driver will help you to offload your luggage and confirm your pickup point and time for your return journey, if applicable. If your journey is one-way, that's everything. If your driver is accompanying you for the duration of your trip, you will work to a previously agreed itinerary.

If returning with us, you'll undergo the same procedure as before and will be dropped off at a single designated destination back in the UK. If you'd like multiple drop-off points, please confirm when booking your coach hire or minibus hire service.

Amsterdam Coach Tours for Bachelor Parties

Amsterdam is one of the top European destinations for bachelor parties, and that's why one of the most popular requests we get is to provide Amsterdam coach tours specifically for bachelor parties.

If you're looking to hire one of our coaches or minibuses for a bachelor party weekend away, it's entirely something we can provide; although, you will be required to pay a refundable deposit.

Regardless of the reason for your trip, we ask that your entire party treats our vehicles respectably.

Like any of our other coach hire services, your driver will pick you up from a designated destination, and you'll be permitted to stop at various points along the way.

Begin your London to Amsterdam Coach Adventure

Our personable and experienced customer service team are on-hand to answer all your questions and take bookings during regular working hours. If you would like to book outside regular hours, you can do so via our website. Alternatively, give us a call on 0203 823 6988 to discuss your booking and iron out the details; your designated trip manager will ensure you have all the necessary information before booking. To find out more about our London to Amsterdam coach hire and minibus hire services, please get in touch.

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