You can't beat a day spent at the rugby, but it's not quite the same if you need to worry about how you're getting to and from the stadium, and how much that might set you back. That's where our rugby coach and minibus hire services come in. Rather than taking a train or, worse still, driving for hundreds of miles to your nearest stadium, you can book a private coach for you and your friends, and travel in comfort without blowing a day's budget. Coach hire is an affordable and practical choice.

Benefits of Bus Transfer

There are numerous benefits of booking a bus transfer for your rugby trip, making your day as effortless as it can be.


When travelling anywhere as a large group, cars can be inconvenient as you always need a designated driver, and train ticket prices are currently through the roof. But coach or minibus hire is still a cheap way to get to the stadium when travelling in groups of six or more. At CoachScanner, we have vehicles for up to 100 passengers.


With a bus transfer, your driver will pick you and your friends or family up from a designated location, nearby to where you live, so you don't have to worry about finding a way to get to the train station, for instance. And on the way home, you'll be dropped off in the same place, and we can even arrange multiple drop-offs.


If you're travelling on match day, the most likely scenario if you opt for the train is that you'll be standing most of the way, and then feel fed up by the time you get to the stadium. However, with coach hire, you're guaranteed a seat and can travel in comfort, especially with our on-board TVs and audio devices in tow.

No Changes

When you travel by train, especially if you're travelling a long distance, often, you'll have to swap trains multiple times. However, with our coach and minibus hire services, we'll take you directly to your destination without you having to leave the coach if you don't want to. You could even get some kip while you travel.

Toilet Breaks

If you don't mind hopping off the coach once or twice, depending on how far you're travelling, with a bus transfer, you get designated stops, if you want them, so you can have a toilet break and grab a cup of coffee. Although, some of our coaches come with toilets and tea and coffee making facilities, depending on the vehicle.

Best for Groups

Undoubtedly, bus transport hire is the best choice for large groups as it means you can get up to 97 of you, or even more if you book out a fleet of vehicles, to a stadium with ease. And it won't hit your pocket hard, either, as the more of you there is, the lower the cost of travel per person, so that's more money for rugby.

Regardless of where you're travelling, a bus transfer is always a more affordable, practical choice.

Coach hire for rugby supporters

The UK's Top Rugby Stadiums

In the UK, we have some of the top rugby stadiums in the world, right across the country. You can get to and from any of them with ease with our rugby bus transfer services and, when you're there, rest assured that you know how you're getting home and that, after the match, we'll be waiting for you outside the stadium. That means you don't need to stumble over to a train station and stand for a few hours until you're home, but instead you can travel in comfort, curtains closed, and rest up.

Twickenham Stadium

Residing in the heart of South-West London is the Twickenham Stadium, which is home to the England national rugby union team; it's owned by the Rugby Football Union, hence the name. The stadium can seat an enormous 82,000 people, making it the second largest stadium in England. At the venue, if you arrive early, you can enjoy stadium tours year-round. You can even host corporate events or birthday celebrations at the stadium, which is ideal if you have the ultimate rugby fan in your life. The stadium is also just a stone's throw from Central London, which means, if you want more time to explore the city, you can delay your return journey with us.

Rugby Coach hire to twickenham stadium

Millennium Stadium

The iconic Millennium Stadium, which has been renamed the Principality Stadium since 2016 for sponsorship purposes, is the national stadium of Wales. It is in Cardiff and holds almost 75,000 people. Obvious perhaps due to its location, the stadium is home to the Wales national rugby team. When you visit the venue, you can explore the history of the team and the stadium itself with a tour, where you'll be taken around the space and find out all about how it came to be so iconic. The venue also hosts a variety of other events, including music events with iconic musicians such as Ed Sheeran. At any time of the year, it's a must-see Welsh landmark.

Rugby Coach hire to the principality stadium

Murrayfield Stadium

The Murrayfield Stadium, or the BT Murrayfield Stadium as it's currently named due to sponsorship, is Edinburgh's premier stadium and is home to the Scotland national rugby team and Edinburgh Rugby Union. The stadium seats 67,000 people, making it the largest stadium in Scotland and the fifth biggest in the UK. But despite its limited capacity, for the 1975 Five Nations (Scotland vs Wales), more than 105,000 people attended, which is one of the biggest attendances for a rugby match in history. Like other rugby stadiums, at Murrayfield, you can enjoy stadium tours and other events, such as live music. Book our bus transfer service for easy travel.

Coach hire for rugby at Murrayfield stadium

Ricoh Arena

Accommodating just over 32,000 people, Ricoh Arena is one of the smaller rugby venues in the UK. It's home to the Wasps rugby union and Coventry City football club. The Arena is situated in Coventry, which is famed as one of the easiest-to-reach locations in the UK, being just a 2.5-hour drive from 70% of the country. Therefore, getting to and from the venue via bus transfer is effortless, although it can be tricky by other forms of public transport. At the Arena, you can also enjoy a variety of other types of events, including music events and exhibitions. There is also a casino, bar and restaurant on-site so that you can enjoy a fun-filled evening year-round.

Wherever you are in the UK or Europe, with CoachScanner, you can travel to see your favourite rugby team without fuss. Contact us to discuss your booking.

Rugby Bus hire to ricoh arena

Our Customers and Packages

At CoachScanner, every year, we work with a huge breadth of customers, including schools, travel agents and tour providers, and even rugby clubs for bus transfers.

Transport Hire for Schools

We work with schools across the UK, including both primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities, to provide affordable coach and minibus hire for school trips. Recently, we've seen an influx in the number of stadium tours being pursued by schools as a method of engaging students in sports, history and even geography by taking them to see football or rugby venues, for which many young adults have a passion. As part of our bus transfer offering, we have singular or fleets of vehicles that can transfer between six and 96 students and teachers at once.

We can pick you up from your school, drop you at your destination, and complete the return journey after.

To book transport hire for school trips, please get in touch with our specialist Schools team.


Bus Transfer for Travel Agents

Football and rugby tours are currently one of the biggest earners for tour operators in the UK. At CoachScanner, we work with a network of travel agents and rugby tour operators to deliver seamless transport for visitors in both the UK and further afield. We often provide all-in-one tour packages with travel, stadium tickets and lunch included so that you can offer an inclusive day trip to customers. Better still, we have a variety of vehicle types to suit all budgets and group sizes, including standard to executive coaches and minibuses.

For our more premium options, additional benefits include extra legroom, contemporary interiors, in-built entertainment such as televisions and audio capability and, sometimes, onboard tea and coffee-making facilities. With CoachScanner, your customers will always be comfortable.

If you're a travel agent or tour operator looking for transport hire for an upcoming day or weekend trip, please get in touch with our Corporate team.

Luxury Coach Hire for Team Transfers

Over the years, at CoachScanner, we have built relationships with football and rugby clubs, as well as other sports clubs, throughout the UK and Europe to offer luxury coach hire and minibus hire services. With this service, your team can travel in style and comfort in specially designed vehicles with blacked-out windows and an array of onboard facilities, so you never have to worry about stopping off at service stations or tackling the crowds – save it for the pitch. We operate in the strictest confidence to ensure you and your players are protected at all times.

We can pick you up from your club or another destination of your choice and transport you throughout the UK with ease. Our luxury vehicles also include sleeping facilities, so you need not worry about being overtired. CoachScanner is all about comfort.

To book your bus transfers with us, please get in touch with our VIP team (0203 823 6988), who handle all incoming enquiries for high-profile and private clients.

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Our Vehicles

At CoachScanner, we have a variety of vehicle types to suit every budget, group size, and distance.


Our coaches come in two classes. Our premium coaches include additional facilities for added comfort.

Standard Coaches

Our standard coaches are just that; they include all the necessary facilities you need for a comfortable journey, but no more. We have vehicles that can seat up to 96 passengers, including at least four disabled seats. The interior of our standard coaches is more dated than our premium offering but is still maintained and clean. These vehicles usually have a single television at the front of the coach, accompanied by speakers. The legroom is ordinary, and all seats have armrests, seat belts and, with select vehicles, footrests. Most of our standard vehicles do not come with tray tables. All these coaches have a toilet and include underfloor storage.

Rugby standard bus hire

Premium Coaches

Our premium coaches take the standard coach to the next level. Their interior is more up-to-date, as is their inbuilt entertainment; some have televisions in every seat, as well as audio capabilities such as headphone jacks and seat-specific speakers. Most seats are clad in leather and come with extra legroom, in comparison to our standard vehicles, as well as tray tables, cushioned armrests, and footrests. All our premium coaches are fitted with curtains so that you can get some sleep during overnight or late-night journeys. Select vehicles come with multiple toilets and have tea and coffee-making facilities, as well as snack fridges available on request.


Just like our coaches, our minibus hire services are available in two classes: standard and premium, each with differing facilities.

Standard Minibuses

If you're seeking minibus hire for groups of up to 16 people, look no further than our standard vehicles. They have all the seating you need as well as limited storage space. Some of our minibuses come with built-in entertainment, such as televisions, but most just include a radio system that takes CDs. These vehicles don't usually have curtains, which can make them less ideal for late-night journeys, and rarely come with onboard toilet facilities. But they're ideal for cheap UK travel.

Standard Minibus for Rugby Coach Hire

Premium Minibuses

If you're travelling a vast distance or simply have more to spend, our premium minibuses are an excellent way to travel in comfort with all the mod-cons you're used to. Most of our premium vehicles have built-in televisions in every seat and come with extended legroom, as well as reclining seats and curtains, both of which make it much easier to sleep during late-night journeys. Due to space, most of our minibuses do not have on-board toilet facilities; for these, please explore our coaches.

Exec Rugby Bus Hire

Disabled Access

Some of our vehicles have disabled access and limited disabled seating, so everyone can travel together and feel included.

Our Drivers

Our drivers are fully certified and trained and have years of coach and minibus driving experience. They have worked with groups of all types, including schools, colleges, universities, rugby fans, football fans, and plenty more. They understand the UK's roads like you know the back of your hand, and they'll always get you where you need to be when you need to be there, taking the fastest route always. For questions during your journey, ask your driver.

Get Started

If you're ready to book your rugby coach or minibus hire service, please get a quote online or call 0203 823 6988. Before calling, have to hand the number of passengers you're transporting, your pick-up and drop-off destination, and your dates of travel. Our customer service advisors will then discuss with you regarding your budget and vehicle class type.



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